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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child still attend camp if they will miss some of the days?


Yes, it is fine for a camper to miss part of camp for vacation, sleep-away camp etc, as long as they understand that they will have to spend some extra practice time to catch up with the rest of their ensemble. Missing the final performance is okay, however the ensemble director must be informed ahead of time for planning purposes. It is helpful to camp staff if the parent notes the dates that their child will miss in the “Special Accommodations” section of the registration form.

Will my camp fee be prorated if my child misses part of camp?

No, we are not able to prorate camp fees as our staffing is based on maximum daily enrollment for the entire camp session.

What do I do if I need to pick my child up early from camp?

If you need to check your child out early from camp, please send a note with them to drop at the front desk when they arrive at camp in the morning. The note should state the name of the person who is picking the child up and the time that they will be leaving. That person should then come to the front desk at the stated time to sign the child out for the day.

Will there be a lunch break during the camp day?

There will be a 30 minute lunch break every day of camp (except the concert day). Students can bring a lunch with them, but we will also have concessions available for purchase (cash only). Snacks, candy, pizza, water and juice will be available daily. Depending on camp enrollment, we may also have other hot options available on some days of camp.

Does the camp provide transportation? 

No, we do not provide transportation, but if your child is registered by May 31st, we can include your name in a carpool list which we will send out to everyone who is on the list. You can then arrange carpools with other campers by contacting other parents directly.

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